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Bryan founded Domy in 2014. Not wanting to place retirement money into stocks and companies with no control, he chose to place his savings in real estate and people. If a stock does poorly there is not much to be done other than buy more or sell it, but if a property does poorly, there is usually a reason that can be repaired, replaced, or upgraded. Too many of the rental units on the market follow the “good enough is good enough” philosophy. In Domy, we have decided to change that. When a property is purchased, it becomes a step above the competition. If it does not help improve the neighborhood, then it is just another place for someone to sleep until a cheaper place is available. The hope is that by instilling pride in the home we will all benefit. Those wanting a home receive a nicer place to live that they can be proud of, while the company profits through reduced maintenance, better appreciation, and stable tenants. Another side effect of caring for a home is that it can be contagious with the neighbors, bringing up the look and value of the entire street.

Bryan - Domy Founder
Bryan –
Born in Las Vegas, Bryan has lived around the country and world — from the mainland USA to Hawaii, Japan, Europe, and a stray year in Iraq. One of his high school teachers was a financial adviser outside of school and spent one day per semester speaking about money and financial fundamentals. A desire to own property was born during those years. Today, Bryan provides quality homes that people are excited to live in.