Domy REI holds a portfolio of single-family 2-4 bedroom homes as well as a 3-unit building. We are open to all residential-sized properties (1 – 4 unit buildings). Our focus for self-management is in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, but we do purchase out of state as well.

As a business, our goal is 3-fold:
1) Buy income-producing, long-term investment properties
2) Acquire deals that leave a happy seller
3) Provide homes for renters that make them pleased to call it home

By making great deals and providing homes that people are excited to live in, our investment gains more value over the long run. By only accepting tenants that will treat the home with respect, we reduce damages and increase the looks, quality, and value of the home and neighborhood.

We can’t change the world, but we can change a few lives and influence others around us.

If you are interested in selling us your home, please contact us.

We are not selling any of our homes.